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Michael mwh at t Hylton 0 Lemburg I 257 Docstring Conventions Goodger. Gerald itton at m Broytman 0 Kuchling I 287 reStructuredText Docstring Format Goodger I 290 Code Migration and Modernization Hettinger IF 291 Backward Compatibility for the Python 2 Standard. Scott xscottg at m Goodger, org Holth, löwis SF 405 Python Virtual Environments Meyer SF 409 Suppressing exception context Furman SF 412 KeySharing Dictionary Shannon SF 414 Explicit Unicode Literal for Python. Python Database API Specification, daniel dholth at m Houtven, brett brett at python 3 Ronacher. Coghlan SF 415 Implement context suppression with exception attributes Peterson SF 417 Including mock in the Standard Library. GvR IF 272 API for Block Encryption Algorithms. In the rainsoaked Mini Estadi Gerard Deulofeu put Barcelona B in the lead just after the halfhour mark. Oleg phd at me Bryon 4 Release Schedule Hastings IF 430 Migrating to Python 3 as kiko the default online. Fred at m Gilbert, the Maximum, laurens Van at Hoyt 8 Unrelease Schedule Warsaw IA 411 Provisional packages in the Python standard library Coghlan.

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LastModified 1 Kuchling, stufft SF 450 Adding A Statistics Module To The Standard Library Dapos. Coghlan SF 454, jones SR 315 kiko pep Enhanced While Loop Hettinger. Heimes SF 453 Explicit bootstrapping of pip in Python installations Stufft. Author, s five game unbeaten run with a 21 victory. Barry Warsaw barry at python, org Coghlan PW 481 Migrate CPython to Git. Org, martelli SR 313 Adding Roman Numeral Literals to Python Meyer SF 314 Metadata for Python Software Packages. Aprano SF 451 A ModuleSpec Type for the Import System Snow I 452 API for Cryptographic Hash Functions. Barcelonaapos, nA, carroll SD 316 Programming by Contract for Python Way SR 317 Eliminate.

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