Incolor Cognitive Therapy Clinic

A weekly multi-disciplinary cognitive disorders clinic that blends therapy with current research.

Referrals from primary care, neurologists, general adult and older adult psychiatry, and general doctors are accepted by the Incolor Cognitive Therapy Clinic.
On your initial visit, an inter-disciplinary clinical team member will conduct a 1.5-2.0-hour assessment. There will be a review of symptoms, cognitive tests, and a thorough physical examination at most sessions. In order to determine the source of cognitive problems, further investigations may include blood tests, genetic testing, brain imaging, and cerebrospinal fluid study (lumbar puncture).
After the initial consultation, follow-up appointments may be scheduled.
As a courtesy, we suggest that you bring your spouse or other close family members to the consultation, and that you prepare any questions you may have ahead of time, maybe writing them down on a notepad. Bring your reading glasses and a list of any medications you use regularly to your visit.

Research opportunities

Those who work at research facilities have the possibility to participate in relevant studies. If you’re interested in participating in research, you may do so by registering with Rowling CARE. Patient treatment will not be affected by research participation.

Participation in the Edinburgh CDC-DART Research and Treatment Register (CDC-DART) and associated DNA and cerebrospinal fluid research tissue banks is offered to patients who attend the Incolor Cognitive Therapy Clinic (ICCTC).

Acquiring a better grasp of the clinical aspects of cognitive diseases and how they proceed, as well as a framework to evaluate therapies and interventions as they become available, is what the register is all about.

Cerebrolysin, Dihexa, Selank, and Semax are peptides that have been specifically engineered to boost the levels of brain-derived nootropic factor and neural growth factor.
These factors have an impact on the metabolism of the brain, which in turn has an impact on your capacity to concentrate and your overall brain health. Peptides and Sarms France

What our clients say

"I was certain that I had failed my sister and that it was my responsibility. I was afraid to go back to therapy since my prior sessions had not benefited me at all, and I was afraid other people would evaluate me severely as well. Extremely upbeat and motivating. You've given me the tools I need to succeed in the future. "Thank you very much, this has been a huge help to me!"
Cecile Emeke
"I had a constant worry of passing away. I was terrified of having a heart attack or a stroke if I felt a tingling feeling in my body. Treatment has been excellent and has helped me regain my self-confidence as I prepare to retire."
Keith Stanfield

Your life is more important than you may believe