Privacy Policy

Information about the types of personal information we gather and the purposes for which we do so.

Our website

All of the content on the Incolor Cognitive Therapy Clinic website is the property of the Incolor Clinic. Links to unrelated websites are included on the website. Neither we, nor this privacy statement, are responsible for the content of these sites, nor do they apply to them.

Users’ IP address

Our web server records your IP address automatically. User interest in this website is tracked by IP addresses (number of visits, etc). On the basis of our legitimate interests, we will use your information to develop our website. We will use Google Analytics to analyze the data, but we will not share it with any third parties. Our plan is to remove it in five years.


In order to give a better user experience, our site employs cookies – little text files that are stored on your computer. For the most part, cookies are used to store user preferences, save data for things like shopping carts, and offer anonymized monitoring information to the third programs like Google Analytics. Cookies, as a rule, will improve your browsing experience. However, you may choose to deactivate cookies on this and other websites. Disabling cookies in your browser is the best method to achieve this. Please visit the Help section of your browser or the About Cookies website which provides information for all current browsers.


Contact information in the form of email addresses
As long as you’ve given us permission to do so, we’ll preserve your email address. Subscribe to e-newsletters explains in full how we utilize email addresses.

Photographic images and video

Photographers and videographers are occasionally graced with the presence of volunteers. Our printed publications and digital outlets, such as websites and social media, utilise the images and videos. When we post your photograph online, it will unavoidably be shared with other countries.

Images and video footage are used for the purpose of documenting and promoting our business.

We’ll always tell them what we plan to do with their photographs or film and have them sign a consent form that includes a link to this website.

Photographs and videos are sometimes taken by third parties. As a result, your image and personal information may be shared with other organizations working to promote higher education, including the Incolor Clinic.

The University treats all personal data and photographs it collects as strictly private and stores them on secure servers. In most cases, we save images for a period of 10 years, but you can request that we remove them sooner.

There is no profiling or automated decision-making here. The decision-making process in respect to you may be somewhat automated (such as anti-fraud information match), but a human decision maker will always be engaged.


To inquire about the information we have on you, please send an email to [email protected].

Further information

Further details about Incolor Clinic’s privacy policies may be found on their website at